Ain’t no mountain high enough!

The day has finally arrived and it’s time to lock up and leave Discovery Bay and head to the airport. We have four very large North Face expedition bags packed and ready to go. The taxi driver does a double take as he sees us piling the 4 bags in then adding another two jam packed back packs – well we are gone for 43 days! It’s a five minute drive down to the Plaza where we pick up the airport shuttle. As we pull into the Plaza I catch sight of Brad & Ali and my eyes start watering as I see them fixing a good luck banner to the bus stop ! When we get out we hear Brad’s laptop blasting out one of my favourite songs ‘ Aint no mountain higher ‘ – all four of us are dancing at the bus stop, laughing and smiling – what a funny sight it must have been for on lookers ! How lucky we are to have such gorgeous fun friends.

Check in with Dragon Air goes smoothly – 80 kg of baggage checked in.  A big thanks to Steve Lawrence of Cathay, who arranged for our 40kg excess to be waivered !  Our flight was delayed by an hour due to storm cloud over Hong Kong, and a build up of planes waiting to leave. One short stop in Dhaka then we finally land in Kathmandu at 11.15pm. Amrit from Himex Nepal is waiting for us at the airport.

We pile into a 4×4 and head to the Kathmandu guest house where we are staying in Thamel. Long day, so we go straight to bed and sleep !

A big thanks to : Hong Kong Cancer Fund, AXA , Flight Centre, I-Detox, RAW  Sportsworld, Dragon Air, for all your support.

Love, hugs and thanks to our family, friends, Mountain High buddies, Brad & Ali, Lynn Hamam, Sarah Jordan … in fact everyone who knows us because I know you are with us in spirit as we set out on a journey of a lifetime…

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