Night at Camp 1

Sadly one of the team has had to leave the expedition due to a case of pulmonary oedema.  We will really miss Steve and pray for a fast recovery!

In another unfortunate event, an avalanche at 7700m swept away a lot of Tibetan sherpas and injured 7 of them, 2 very seriously. After a very complex rescue, they are all stabilized and are now on their way to a hospital in Lhasa.

Now the good news – Our team is doing great! We all spent a night at Camp 1.  The views from there are great!  We even had a kitchen tent set up with our amazing kitchen boy Chiring. The members love him! Every morning, afternoon and sunset he brings hot drinks and hot food to our tents. This really helps with the acclimatization. Everyone woke up in  great shape!

Today we geared up and climbed part of the route that leads to camp 2. The weather was great (for a while). After reaching 6600m, everyone returned to Camp 1, left all the heavy gear and continued to ABC. Our cook waited for us with meat stew and Swiss potato pancakes.  Everyone is in great shape and fully acclimatized to 6400m.

We’ll spend another 2 nights here, then head to Camp 2 to finish our acclimatization plan, which seems to be working very well!

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