Chinese Base Camp

We finally made it to Chinese basecamp – at 4900 metres/16,000 feet.

Tibet is very cloudy and windy at the moment. It seems that the monsoon is very strong this year, but we hope that the weather will start clearing in about 2 weeks.

We spent the last 4 days acclimatizing with 2 nights in Nyalam (3700 metres/12,100 feet), 2 nights in Tingri (4400 metres/14,400 feet) and then arrived at Chinese basecamp yesterday. Everyone is adjusting extremely well to the high altitude.

Yesterday we met our awesome cook Samdien -we’re happy to have him on our expedition because he’s an extremely experienced cook with over 20 Himalayan expeditions. Having good food at basecamp and ABC makes a huge difference in acclimatization. We also have some very experienced sherpas with us that have summited Cho Oyu multiple times.

Our plan is to stay here tonight and then head to interim camp tomorrow at 5150 metres/16,900 feet where we will stay another day or two.  We’ll now start walking with 3 ½ tons of equipment and food which will be carried by yaks, so we won’t be moving in cars anymore!

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