Life at Advanced Base Camp

We’ve been having some great fun up here. Yesterday was glacier training, where we practiced some jumaring and rappelling in preparation for the rock bands a little bit higher near the summit. This morning we had a very special puja ceremony where all of our equipment was blessed and prayer scarves placed around it. It was very special.

The weather has been a bit variable. We’ve had some snow, but generally gorgeous clear blue skies and breathtaking scenery. Mother Nature is amazing. We’ve got a great team of climbing sherpas with us and fabulous kitchen crew.

The plan is for tomorrow to move up to camp 1 and face the ‘horrible hill’ of scree up to 6400 metres/21,000 feet for our acclimatization.

Thank you so much for following the team on our blogs. We can feel the energy from all of the family and friends that are following us.  We look forward to more news dispatches and photos coming your way soon.

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