More challenges

After our last post our whole team left to Camp1 with the intention of reaching Camp 2 next day. As a few forecasts have predicted, the day we chose to reach Camp 2 was extremely windy and we decided to push until 11am or turn around if the wind didn’t stop. This was based on the experience of our previous day expedition when the wind gusts were as strong as 70km/h.

After reaching a plateau at 6650m, Calin and I decided to turn around and descended to Camp 1 with Jangbu Sherpa.

Some of the team made it to Camp 2 and spent the night there.  Our team leader Max decided to spend another night on the mountain and reached the slopes very closes to Camp 3 this morning. It did not look good. It was knee deep snow at some parts and high avalanche risk. When he arrived at ABC, Raj and the sherpas told him about another avalanche that took 5 sherpas with it from other expeditions on the mountain and 2 had to be evacuated to Kathmandu.

Now we are facing a new problem: there’s no one else to fix rope. Most of the teams (about 8 big teams) have given up and are on their way home now. We’ll have a meeting and decide what to to tommorrow.

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