The Great Ozzie Adventure in Sarawak, Borneo

Hi from Kuching!

Mountain High is delighted to be heading up the Australian Association of Hong  Kong’s 2010 annual trip . This year it’s a 5 day cultural adventure in Sarawak – land of the Hornbills & Orang Utans!

We arrived safe and sound late Wednesday 20th October evening and checked into the Grand Margherita Hotel on the Kuching waterfront.

After an early  breakfast on Thursday morning our guide, Cornelius , whisked us away to Sarawak Cultural village. Weather hot and sticky – all used to it from living in Hong Kong!  Great tour of the village depicting all the traditional houses  of the several ethnic groups of Sarawak.  Fabulous show  of  cultural dances, songs and hunting tactics (blowpipes!) after the tour.

In the afternoon we had a tour of Kuching and a visit to the museum.

Friday we headed to the Orung Utan Sanctuary and arrived for the 9am feeding time! Lots of picture taking as the orung utans came out to the feeding platforms laden with bananas and coconuts. Two mothers with young babies and several other orang utans came out so we were very lucky.

Australian Association of Hong Kong Group

More pictures to follow – dashing off for dinner now!

Bako National Park on tomorrow’s agenda!

Team in Borneo : Gerrie & John, Caroline  & Luis , Donna, Jan , Margeret , Kathy, Anne and Jules.


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