The Human Butterfly – Your Inner Resources

It’s been a long time since I wrote a blog – too embarrassing to mention !

So what was it that sparked my flame to start writing again ?  I am pretty sure it was the Stress Management Certification Course I attended in Boulder Colorado last week with Dr Brian Luke Seaward ( Paramount Wellness Institute )  I was one of  24 other  ”eager to learn” participants  - the only one from the UAE , well worth the long flights to get there. A great mentor and lots of  new learning to apply to life and work in the 21st century &  new lifelong friends from around the USA.

One of the many exercises we did focused around  non  verbal communication through art – with some fabulous creative outcomes !

The butterfly is a symbol of transformation so it made lots of sense to colour in our own butterfly ! Here’s mine !


and here’s a blank  one for you to print off and colour

butterfly Muscles

To add even more depth to this exercise you can write inside the  butterfly wings  the inner resources you use  ( optimism, creativity, patience, resilience ) to cope with challenges.

If there are inner resources that you feel you would like to have to be a stronger part of who you are then write these attributes outside of the butterfly and draw an arrow from the word into the wings – by doing so you send a direct message to your unconscious mind to begin to utilize  these inner resources more often.

Are you ready for a personal transformation ?

Pick up some colored crayons or pastels, put on some gorgeous instrumental music and give your self 10-15 minutes to colour in the wings of your butterfly.

Hang your completed work of art on the fridge or office wall to remind you  of your inner resources.

Here’s a list of colours and their archetypal meanings :

RED : Passionate emotional peaks ( from pleasure to pain ) It can represent either compassion or anger

ORANGE : Suggests a life change ( big or small and often more positive than negative )

YELLOW: Represents energy ( usually a positive message )

GREEN & BLUE : Suggest happiness and joy ( blue may even mean creativity ) These colors also suggest a string sense or desire of roundedness and stability in your environment.

PURPLE/ VIOLET :  Suggest a highly spiritual nature, unconditional love

BROWN : A sense of groundedness and stability

BLACK : Can either represent fear , grief , despair or a sense of personal empowerment

WHITE : Can either mean fear, avoidance, cover up or hope

GREY : Typically represents a sense of ambiguity or uncertainty about some issue you are working on.

What do your colors say ?

Have fun and get ready for a big breakthrough ! What is coming to fruition each and every time is more and ore of your true self !

Mountain High Jules

Paramount Wellness Institute. Inspiration Unlimited.Reprinted with Permission.

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