The Power of Three – Self Leadership

If your words & actions inspire others to dream more, learn more ,do more, be more then you are a leader ! 



Power of Three ©  Self Leadership/ Energy Management

Looking for more balance, clarity, focus, energy, creativity and confidence in your work & life?   YES !!!

Simple daily rituals for complex modern lives

Join Jules for this peak performance programme  &  take charge of your personal energy, build resilience, release tension and switch on  your body’s natural  “ feel good/ bliss ”   hormones ( endorphins, dopamine, oxytocin, anandamide )

During the session you will learn how to :

* Free Your Mind

* Energize Your Body

* Nurture Your Spirit of Adventure

& walk away with your own personal Power of Three©  action plan

* Power of Three Workshops and retreats can be tailor made to suit your group/ company requirements, contact Jules to arrange a in house session for your team … and watch the magic happen – peak performance & productivity !



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