The Way of the Warrior – Resilience Training


Modern corporate life can be stressful.Living and working in the city can mean hours in front of a computer,dashing  in and out of meetings,being stuck in traffic and working late into the night to meet deadlines. More than ever people realize  that without good health our modern day lifestyle cannot be enjoyed to the full.

I’ve been reading some great books on eastern philosophy  and learning more about resilience .. and how important it is for us to be able to bounce back after setbacks in business , sports and life.

Here are some of the developmental assets linked to resilience :

1.Planning & decision making skills

2. Interpersonal competence

3. Positive identity

4. Sense of purpose – vision

5. Committed to life long learning

6. Self esteem

there are of course many more !

I have  put together an introductory  workshop and course on warrior training  based on the book ” Spirit of the Dancing Warrior ”  The course highlights the 4 step process of warrior training ( Meditation, Visualization , Declaration, Reflection ) and covers the stages along the journey  ( Intention, Preparation, Integration,Transformation ) along with the 52 traits/ virtues of a warrior.  AMAZING stuff !

I presented a short introduction to Warrior Training at the recent HR Summit & Expo in Dubai and it went down a treat.

If you , your team , your organization is looking for a  leading edge personal development programme – this is the course to  enable  ’inside out leadership’ and ignite the warrior within.





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