Get on Your Feet !

Here’s five simple ways to spend more time on your feet in the office – your body is designed to move. Sitting for long periods of time causes METABOLIC SHUTDOWN !

Commit to your well-being now… small steps make a big difference


1. Set reminders – use the alarms on your PC or phone to prompt you to stand up every 20 minutes at work .

2. Give yourself daily goals – try getting in 5,000 steps a day – walk around , take the stairs and stretch often  ..

3. Walk and talk – skip the stuffy conference room  and try ‘walking meetings’ with colleagues

4.Drink more ! – keep re-filling your water bottle, it will keep you hydrated, keep you walking to the water machine .. and the loo !

5. Chat up ! – take phone calls while standing up and if you have the space pace around

The more you sit the poorer your health .. take action NOW

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