Warrior Training – Beginners Mind



There is a tremendous advantage to be gained by clearing your mind through meditation and then focusing your attention on the possibilities awaiting you.

In 1954 ,Roger Bannister broke the 4 minute barrier in the mile run, which the experts considered impossible at the time.Yet within the next year and a half, over fifty athletes around the world ran it in under 4 minutes.They could now see the possibility and were open to doing what was required to reach that once “impossible” level of performance.

The warrior’s mind is a beginners mind – one that is open , receptive, and  non-judgmental; with this mind all  is possible.

When you are feeling stuck in failure, loss or setback, take the spirit of the warrior approach and give yourself permission to start fresh again.

DECLARATION : The more I develop the beginners mind and remain open to possibilities by questioning limits, the more I perform freely to play up to my capacity.

REFLECTION : What are three of my most powerful limiting beliefs and what can I do to change and go beyond them ? What do I need to do to accomplish this ? 

Wisdom from the book ” Spirit of the Dancing Warrior”  Jerry Lynch & Chungliang Al Huang.

Fore more information on Warrior Training contact Jules : jules@mountainhighme.com

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