What makes people sign up for a Mountain High Challenge?

A number of reasons encourage people to sign up to our challenges, some are:

  • Physical Challenge – being active in the great outdoors
  • Personal Challenge – sense of achievement, self discovery, experience of a lifetime
  • Travel Motivations – experience other cultures, dream of visiting a certain country/ area, natural beauty, remoteness
  • Social Motivation – meet new friends, meet like minded people
  • Making a Difference – the desire to do something worthwhile, support a good cause, raise awareness, benefit others

Mountain High challenges fulfill Julie’s “Power Of Three” philosophy, a philosophy she shares with everyone she meets. By doing something each day to fulfill the three core concepts (Free Your Mind; Energise Your Body and Nurture Your Spirit Of Adventure), you will notice your personal and professional life reach new heights and your energy levels fly!

What Type of Challenges?

Challenges include:

  • Mountain Treks and Climbs
  • Multi-Activity Challenges
  • Polar Expeditions

Check out the Calendar and choose your challenge.