Mountain High invites you to experience a ‘Power of Three’™ retreat – the ultimate adventure of self-discovery for the mind, body and spirit. Our retreats combine activities to:

  • Free Your Mind
  • Energize Your Body
  • Nurture Your Spirit Of Adventure

Mountain High retreats inspire you to “get into action“ and take charge of your health, re-ignite your passion, move towards a more balanced lifestyle and take a fresh approach to creating a life you love. By providing you with a series of easy to use tools and techniques you will leave the retreat with an easy to follow action plan to take you to new heights in all areas of your life.

Free Your Mind

The power of the mind is cultivated as an adventure itself. During our retreats you will find a balance between the things you do in your everyday life and the deeper aspects of who you really are – ‘your authentic self’. You will have time to identify what truly inspires you and keeps the fire in your belly “roaring”. It’s time to shake off the city cobwebs and unleash your full potential!

Energize Your Body

Physical activity in the great outdoors is a FABULOUS tool for personal discovery. During the retreats you will have the opportunity to try out a variety of activities. Here’s some of the endorphin releasing activities you will experience – Hiking/Trekking; Horseback Riding; Caving/Coasteering; Kayaking; Mountain Biking; Ski-ing and snow sports; Swimming, Diving and Snorkelling; Yoga; Multi-activity programmes; Massage and Spa Treatments.  * Check the retreat notes for details on which activities feature in the retreat you have booked.

Nurture your Spirit of Adventure

Retreats are held in different locations around the globe. Accommodation, healthy meals, access to spa facilities, gorgeous natural surroundings, interactive workshops, expert guides, yoga, meditation, and coaching sessions offer you a unique opportunity to take time out just for you!

Step out of your comfort zone and experience the empowering new thoughts, feelings and actions of your personal growth zone.

Why go on a Mountain High retreat?

Life is for living. So many of us wish to make changes and create more meaning in our life, however, we are so busy keeping up with everything that it’s often a challenge to just stop and make a new start. Modern life in the city keeps us from taking quality time out to go within.

Our retreats are an investment in yourself to do just this – to get back to nature and back to you. In the months following the retreat we will encourage you to stay connected with fellow participants . You will find that the power of the group continues long after the retreat ends. Now is the time to give yourself permission to step away from everyday life and focus on you.

When do the Retreats take place?

Retreats are held all year round to take advantage of gorgeous locations in UAE, Asia and Africa. To view our upcoming retreats please visit our calendar.

How do I book a Retreat?

Select the retreat of your choice and request a  booking form  from   On receipt of your booking form and payment a confirmation email will be sent along with a suggested clothing and equipment list for the retreat you have chosen.