Corporate Solutions

Jules works with companies to identify, create and promote leadership, health and well-being programmes to support women’s ambition as part of their development of a great place to work ethos. The ultimate goal of Jules’ programmes is to take a team on a journey and to put all the learning’s into practice for long term results! These programmes can be delivered in a variety of formats depending on your needs:

Keynote Addresses with Jules are a great way to open a company meeting, kick off an away day, entertain and inspire during a corporate dinner, or as part of a longer conference style programme. Typically, these addresses will be between 45 minutes to 60 minutes

Half Day and Full Day Workshops or a series of them provide a more intensive learning experience for your executive teams. Jules’ workshops allow participants to work more actively on a specific issue or topic and provide a practical learning environment where they can develop skills, resolve problems and develop new techniques and interpersonal skills.

Consultancy with participants who take part in workshops following these sessions can be a great way to embed learning and new behaviours. This approach engages staff and uses reinforcement and repetition to deliver the best results to ensure the participants take the most away from these sessions as possible.

Sessions with Jules instigate change in attitudes, behaviours and team dynamics quickly and effectively. The sessions involve a blended learning approach through interactive sessions, role-play, self-exploration and group learning. They can also involve an outdoor physical challenge element to them if required.

Some of the companies that Jules has worked with include:

Follow the links for more information on some of the programme information – alternatively contact us if you would like to discuss a customised programme specific to your team’s needs.